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Electronic Densimeter
EW-300SG (2 digit)
The most suitable instrument to use for specific gravity inspection on the production line.
Electronic Densimeter
MD-300S (3 digit)
Simple operation Just putting the sample on container then into the water
Electronic Densimeter
SD-200L (4 digit)
For measuring solid and liquid specific gravity; Density resolution: 0.0001g/cm3 Capable of measuring solid specific gravity and volume...
Optional Liquid density Kit
Optional Liquid Density kit is used with MD300S / SD200L to find the density of Liquid Samples having less than 100 Centipoise of viscosity by changing the code setting in the machine
Film Master
Less Distortion, High Accuracy!
Measures extra thin sheet material with a precision of 0.001mm.
Electronic Densimeter
AD-8121B Compact Printer
Built for
  • Electronic Balances
  • Counting Balances
  • Platform Scales ...
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