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Electronic Densimeter EW-300SG

Ideal machine for the Interval testing of production line

Some of the features are:
Quick measuring time (about 10 sec)
Solid density and volume can be conveniently measured
Floating samples can be measured easily by using teh steel angle
Temperature can be compensated & adjusted to optional temperature
For measuring density of rubber, plastic, and much more
Interface is Included as standard equipment
Product Name   EW-300SG   Feature   Solid: Density, Volume
Resolution   0.01g/cm3   Weight/Dimension   1.54kg/(L) 218X(W) 190 X (H) 170mm
Instrumental Error   +-0.01gm   Power Supply   AC 110~240V
Capacity   0.01~300g   Accessories   Tweezers, Thermometer, 200g Weight, Steel Angle, AC Adaptor, Interface RS232C
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