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For measuring solid and liquid specific gravity; Density resolution: 0.001g/cm3 A general-purpose new model with high accuracy debuts with additional functions equipped.

Some of the features are:
Highly precise general-purpose model with density resolution of 0.001g/cm3. measurable weight 0.01-300g
Capable of measuring specific gravity of liquid (other than those with high viscosity, which need optional parts)
Capable of setting the actual water temperature and specific gravity of the solution with front keys and automatically compensating the measured specific gravity.
Capable of measuring plastic pellets.
Capable of measuring readily floating samples, such as urethane rubber, plastics, sponge, and wood.
Result judgments with Comparator Mode is available.
Optional Setting Mode is available for distinction of uncertain sample ordevelopment of new material.
Easy connection to PC with standard equipped interface (RS232C: 9 pins, male connector).
Capable to measure the compensated liquid density by setting compensated liquid temperature and compensating temperature rate.
Product Name   Electronic Densimeter MD-200S
Density Resolution   0.001g/cm3
Scale capacity   0.01-200g
Measuring principle   Archimedean principle
Standards   Rubber, plastics, etc. are in conformity with JIS Standards and UL Standards
Power source   AC100V +- 10% 50/60Hz; and the one for overseas use(optional)
Dimensions   185(W) X 200(D) X 170 (H); Weight: 1Kg
Accessories   Airtight windshield
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