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Electronic Densimeter SD-200L

Simple measuring procedure allows anyone to use it easily

Some of the features are:
Densimeter with high accuracy of density resolution of 0.0001g/cc
Substantial function of SOlid and Liquid measurements only about 20 seconds to measure
Suitable for plastic pellets, film, rubber, fabric, etc...
Capable of measuring volume variation factor
Capable of measuring readily floating samples such as urethane sponge, and wood
Product Name   SD-200L   Feature   Solid: Density, Volume
Liquid: Density
Resolution   0.001g/cm3   Weight/Dimension   5.8kg/(L) 319X(W) 213 X (H) 301mm
Instrumental Error   +-0.0002gm   Power Supply   AC 110~240V
Capacity   0.0001~300g   Accessories   Tweezers, Thermometer, 200g Weight, Steel Angle, AC Adaptor, Liquid Density Kit(Option)
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