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Barwell is a world leader in the manufacture, design and supply of high quality processing machinery for the rubber and ceramic industries.

    There range includes:

  • Rubber Ram Preformers and Extruders
  • Continuous Gear Pump Screw Extruders and Preformers
  • Cryogenic Rubber Deflashing Equipment
  • Other Rubber Deflashing Equipment
  • Spiral Take-off Cooling Conveyors
  • Hydraulic Compression Presses
  • Industrial Drying Ovens
  • Tyre Re-treading Systems
    Barwell's equipment benefits:

  • Improved production efficiency and quality
  • Greater accuracy for dimensional and weight tolerances
  • Reduced material wastage
  • Time and energy-saving benefits
  • Increased profitability
  • User-friendly operation and maintenance

Barwell can also offer machine upgrades to ensure older machines are kept up to date with your current manufacturing requirements and the latest safety standards. We also sell machine rebuilds which provide a lower cost option for those wishing to adopt Barwell technology.

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ECO Range: Ram Preformers and Extruders for Rubber
A simple batch-load method of preforming/extruding rubber blanks, preforms or strips prior to compression moulding.
BVP: Value Preformer Range
A low cost range of ram preformers incorporating Barwell's renowned quality and technology but at a price point for those on a tight budget ...
Compression Presses: Compression Moulding
Low investment and high performance hydraulic presses provide a highly efficient method of compression moulding ...
Freeze Trim: Cryogenic Rubber Deflashing Machine
A safe, high-speed, automated and multi-material method of deflashing, using the latest cryogenic technology.
Gear Pump: Continuous Preforming and Extrusion
A fully automated method of rubber preforming (or extrusion), designed specifically for long production runs ...
PressurBuilder: Tire Re-treading Machines
A unique and fully automated tyre re-treading system with integral in-line screw extruder. It is designed specifically to provide ...
Rapid Dry: Rubber Pre-heating or Curing Oven
An intuitive and energy-saving industrial drying oven and ideally suited for drying or heating of rubber.
Rapid Dry: Industrial Drying Ovens for Ceramics
An intuitive energy-saving industrial drying oven, specifically designed for the rapid and effective drying ...
Spin Trim: Rubber Deflashing Machine
Speed up your existing deflashing process and achieve huge cost savings with exceptionally safe and automated operation.
VibraCool: Spiral Cooling Conveyors
A versatile and space-saving unit which provides cooling, separation and drying of hot rubber parts ...
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