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Barwell ECO Range: Ram Preformers and Extruders for Rubber

A simple batch-load method of preforming/extruding rubber blanks, preforms or strips prior to compression moulding.

  • Ideal for short to medium length production runs or when regular material or die changes are common.
  • Suitable for multiple industries and can run most rubber and synthetic polymer compounds and is also used for ceramic profiles.
  • Accurate and consistent target blank weight.
  • Includes automatic target weight adjustment using weigh scale feedback loop system.
  • Reduces material wastage and labour costs.
  • Multiple capacity options to choose from. (1-80L)

The premium ECO PLUS range includes all the features of a standard ECO but with enhanced features to provide even greater processing flexibility.

  • Larger touch screen operator interface
  • Quicker set-up due to 2000 item product database memory and inclusion of auto-cycle option
  • Includes reserving conveyor
  • Extended centre for easy cleaning and access
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