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Osciliating Disc Rheometer


  • Designed and manufactured in accordance with ASTM D2084& ISO 6502 standards.
  • Output, displayed and memorized graphics including Elastic torque, Cure rate, and Upper/Lower dies temperatures.
  • More than 30 items of data, such as ML, MH, TS, TC, CRI etc., couble be taken from each test.
  • Cure curve provides the processing, vulcanizing, and vulcanized physical properties of rubber cross-linking reaction.
  • Multiple control gates are available for controlling the specified data such as ML, MH, TS, and TC. And extra 18 control points are also supplied for the user to set some control gates at any time point of a cure curve.
  • Standars accessory - SPC (Statistical Process Control) software is used to analyze and draw the statistical aontrol charts including X-RM, X-R, histogram, and normal distribution for some specified data.

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