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Demattia Flexing Fatigue Tester


EKT-2102DFT Demattia Flexing Fatigue Tester is designed in accordance with ASTM D430 and D813 to test the repeat bending strain and flexing on different kinds of vulcanized rubber compound. After Test, the testing compound can be determined the difference such as deformation, elongation, hardness, etc. under different temperature environment in certain of time.

  • Functions and Features
  • Distance of specimen holder can be adjustable.
  • The flexing stroke can be adjustable from 0-100mm.
  • Test samples can be held up to 20 pieces.
  • Low Noise –EKT-2102DFT Demattia Flexing Fatique Tester with special structure design has low noise
  • Electronic low temperature controlling system provides high accuracy measurement.

  • Test Capabilities
  • 1. Accelerated Aging Studies
  • 2. R&D Laboratory Testing
  • 3. Quality Control Testing
  • 4. Quality Assurance Testing

Stroke 0 - 100mm
Frequency 300cpm
Temperature Range -50 ~ 100°C
Specimen Holder 20pcs.
Counter 0 ~ 999999
Electricity 3 phase, 380 ±10V, 50/60 Hz
Machinery Dimension approx. 1250 (W) ×1018(D) ×1800 (H) cm
Net Weight (Main) approx. 1200 kg

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