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H17 Shore Scale Hardness Tester

  • Tests soft and hard materials using different Shore scales
  • One touch, fully automatic operation
  • Accurate & consistent results
  • Easy access to sample area
  • Operator dependency reduced
  • Range of sample tables
  • Four versions offered for each model

The Wallace range of H17 digital, bench mounted hardness testers, is designed for measuring in Shore scale the hardness of various materials. Four models are offered - the H17A for testing standard rubber, H170 for soft rubber and medium density textiles, H17D for hard rubbers and plastics and H17M for thin/small rubber samples.

The robust, "C" frame design allows the operator easy access from front and sides to safely load and remove samples. The adjustable antivibration feet reduce the effect of external vibration.

By simply pressing the start button, the instrument functions automatically allowing accurate, repeatable results to be recorded in much less time than traditional models.

As minimal training is required, new operators soon become confident with the H17, achieving consistent readings from the outset.

A range of optional sample tables is available, designed to locate samples of varying shapes, sizes and special holding fixtures.

Keys on the front panel easily adjust the measuring head up and down to suit the sample height.

Once the start key is pressed, the foot descends to secure the sample. In line with the testing standards, once the foot contacts the sample the indentation depth is recorded after a pre-set dwell time, typically 3 seconds. At this point the instrument identifies the indentor position and the hardness value is automatically frozen and displayed clearly on the LCD screen.

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