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C3/C4 Compression Set Apparatus

Machined to a very high quality standard, these fixtures measure the residual strain in a rubber sample after it has been compressed for a specified period and then allowed to recover. Samples of either 13mm or 29mm diameter are placed between the plates and the bolts tightened. Spacer rings around the bolts control the compressive strain applied.

Wallace offer single daylight (i.e. 2 plates), double daylight (3 plates) and triple daylight (4 plates) versions. When ordering please specify wheter C3 (BS) or C4 (ASTM) models are required and specify the number of daylights (plates).

Preparation of Test Pieces

For use with a bench drill to produce parallel sided test samples, two rotary cutters are available 13mm diameter & 29 mm diameter.

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