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Dunlop Tripsometer

The Dunlop Tripsometer measures the rebound resilience of a rubber test piece, which is defined as the ratio of returned energy to input energy when a ball strikes the test piece.

The apparatus consists of a pendulum in the form of steel disc, mounted on frictionless air bearings, with a striking ball (4mm dia.) attached to the disc periphery, 250mm from the centre.

The ball and its mounting bracket add an unbalanced mass of 60g to the disc.

An interchangeable test piece holder accepts an 8mm square rubber test piece or a 44.6mm dia Schopper disc, which is used with the vacuum pump (supplied as standard).

A scale and pointer indicate the angular displacement of the pendulum. An adjustable stop is attached to the scale allowing the pendulum position to be set before test.

An electrical mechanism releases the pendulum avoiding unwanted energy being imparted to the pendulum. The mechanism is easily removed to permit the free passage of the striker when required.

A Polished hardwood, draught proof cabinet is supplied, fitted with perspex panels and an access door.

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