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L15 Gehman Tester

  • Measures torsional modulus of rubber at low temperatures
  • Holds ten samples
  • Adjustable heating ramp rate
  • Three torsion wires supplied
  • Digital control box displays fluid temperature and ramp rate

Using wires of known stiffness, this instrument determines the torsional modulus of vulcanized rubber samples at low temperature, consisting of a measuring unit and a separate controller.

The top of each torsion wire is attached to a head while the bottom is fastened to a pointer and a coupling to which each sample is clamped. The deflection of the torsion wire is easily read from a protractor, marked in 1O divisions.

Three catridges are supplied with the apparatus, having torsional constants of 0.70, 2.81, and 11.24 mNm/rad of twist respectively. Each torsion wire is mounted in an easily removable stainless steel “cartridge”, attached to the torsion head by a knurled screw for finger tightening.

A revolving 10 station test piece rack is mounted on the measuring head support so that each test piece may be indexed accurately under the torsion wire.

The bath consists of a removable stainless steel container located in an insulated box to which the heater/stirrer unit is attached by thumb screws.

The controller houses the speed control for the stirrer motor and a digital temperature controller which displays the fluid temperature and the ramp rate of heater.

Cutting Tool
For the special cutting tool, order L15/1

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