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P2 Williams Plastimeter

  • Simple, robust instrument
  • Easy to use
  • Measurements to 0.01mm
  • Chambers for testing at elevated temperatures

The apparatus is widely used for deltermining the plasticity and recovery of silicones and unvulcanised rubber compounds.

The test consists of compressing a sample of 2.0cm3 volume between two parallel plates and measuring the compressed height after a specified period.

The plastimeter features two platens, a lower platen that forms the base of the instrument, and an upper platen, which can be conveniently raised and lowered by a handle.

The test commences when the upper platen is gently lowered onto the sample with a force of 49N. The sample height is taken at regular intervals, commonly 3 or 10 minutes using a dial gauge measuring in 0.01 mm graduations.

At the end of the test the result is converted to a Williams Plasticity Number by multiplying the sample height by 100.

Elevated Temperatures
For measurements at elevated temperatures (normally 70°C or 100°C) the sample is heated in an oven for 15 minutes before undergoing the plasticity test. For this purpose, under model ref. P2/1, Wallace offer a Plastimeter complete with Laboratory Chamber-suitable for temperatures up to 150°C.

Recovery Test
In the recovery test, the height of the sample is measured after it has been removed from the plastimeter and allowed to recover for a specified period.

The Wallace Bench Thickness Gauge (ref. S4/13) must be used for such measurements as the gauge specification is tightly controlled by the relevant standard.

Plastimeter with Laboratory chamber     P2/1
Bench thickness Gauge                        S4/13
Rotary sample cutter 16mm dia            P2/10

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