Hand Operated Rubber Specimen Cutting Press & Dies

Simple, safe operation

Hand Operated Rubber Specimen Cutting Press - S1

Robust design with built-in safety catch | Large cutting table area | Automatic ejection of samples | Adjustable strokes to prevent cutter damage


  • Inexpensive
  • Hand operated exerting 41kN cutting force
  • Safety catch and warning labels fitted
  • Automatic ejection of samples
  • Can accept Schopper rings or 8mm square test pieces
  • Throat depth allows cutting area for samples up to 180mm long
  • Alternative base widths available (150mm standard).


This robust, manually operated press cuts test samples from sheets of rubber and other soft materials with an exceptionally high force (41kN). Once prepared the samples are typically subjected to physical tests such as tensile, tear, dynamic, cure etc.

The press is operated with two hands. While one hand is used to lift the safety catch, the other pulls the handle which, through a lever system drives the ram down.

If the safety catch is not lifted, the ram cannot be moved ensuring operator safety.

The ram stroke is easily adjustable, ensuring that the die cuts through the sample but is not itself compressed, preventing damage to the cutting edge. But as a further precaution the operator is advised to place a suitable backing material on the cutting table to protect the very sharp edges of the cutter.

Articulated stainless steel fingers, mounted off the press frame, are adjusted to pass through the holes in the cutter back-plate so that the sample is automatically ejected on the return stroke of the ram.

The cutting table is 150mm wide by 200mm deep and cutters must not exceed these dimensions.



A large range of cutting dies, conforming to international standards, is available for use with the S1 Specimen Cutting Press.


 Rubber Test Specimen Cutting Dies – S6

  • Made to national & international standards
  • Cutter design service available
  • Fully inspected
  • Certificate of conformity can be supplied
  • Safety back plate fitted with holes for Wallace ejector system
  • Special spring ejectors can be fitted
  • Many standard cutters held in stock
  • Fast delivery on special cutters
  • Reconditioning service.


A large range of cutting dies, conforming to international standards, is available for use with the S1 Specimen Cutting Press. Each die is fitted with a safety back plate. a shank can be fitted to each cutting die, acting as the interface for locking the die into the ram of the press.
Dumb-bell, circular and parallel blade cutters are available as well as angle, crescent and trouser tear cutters.

We also supply cutters to our customer’s own design and offer a cutter reconditioning and sharpening service.

All cutters are fully inspected before despatch and, upon request, are supplied with a certificate of conformity.

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