Bench Rubber Thickness Gauge

Constant anvil pressure

Bench Rubber Thickness Gauge - S4


  • Constant anvil pressure
  • Digital-resolution to 0.01 mm
  • Ranges of different anvils & weights
  • Optional RS232C Interface


This digital gauge accurately measures the thickness of rubber and similar soft materials using a constant pressure anvil. The gauge conforms to international test standards and is widely used when testing rubber for tensile strength and compression set. The 150mm-diameter base provides a smooth flat ground surface upon which the test piece is placed. Location for a lower anvil, required by some standards, is also provided. The digital indicator is attached to an arm, which can slide on a vertical column.

Throughout the dial gauge travel (25mm), a constant force on the spindle ensures the anvil pressure on the test piece in constant.

A lifting lever attached to the indicator raises the spindle and upper anvil, allowing easy location of the test piece.



Various diameter anvils can be screwed into the dial gauge spindle.

A range of additive weights can be placed in the carrier at the upper end of the spindle, which creates the correct anvil pressure on the test piece.

A software package is available which exports data from the indicator to a PC for further analysis.

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