• High sensitivity binocular microscope, camera and video capture interface card
• Patent specimen cutter
• Measure carbon black agglomerates particle diameter, average particle diameter, amount of particle, etc.


Mixing Grader

  • The EKT-2002 MG Mixing Grader ( Carbon Black Dispersion) is designed in accordance with ASTM D2663 & ISO1345 standards. 
  • Use precise optical magnifying lens and high quality digital video camera, incorporating with high-resolution image processing interface, so that you can get the most accurate surface image of sample.
  • Exclusive accessory, the patent cutter is used to get the test specimen more easily.
  • Professional software of carbon black dispersions with strong processing abilities will instantly calculate the total amount of particles, average diameter, maximum diameter, total area of particles etc. after getting imagine; and then show the particle size distribution in Histogram chart.
  • Standard image can be saved and established to provide user for compare and adjudge the mixing grade of test sample.
  • Software system of carbon black dispersion tester provides the function of quality control, so the user can establish the control gates for the amount of varied particle size and maximum size of particle.
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