Preformers & Extruders

Available in batch sizes from 1 – 80 litres

ECO: Preformers & Extruders


The standard range of Barwell ECO high performance, low investment and cost-saving ram extruders and preformers are specifically designed for the accurate and efficient processing of rubber and synthetic polymer compounds across multiple industries.

  • A versatile and high quality processing system ensuring most types of compound can be processed to produce consistent and accurate product from silicone to FKM
  • An operator-friendly system that requires minimal user training increasing production capability
  • An energy-saving method of production significantly reducing power consumption
  • A cost-cutting solution which reduces factory space usage, material wastage and labour costs, providing a quick return on investment
  • Produces higher quality and more accurate preforms
  • Better tolerance to fast accelerators with no heat build-up during extrusion
  • Complete processing flexibility combining extrusion, cutting and check weighing all in one machine
  • A robust, safe and reliable system with easy maintenance


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How does it work?

The ECO extrudes the prepared compound using a hydraulically powered ram. The rate of the extrusion is monitored by a digital flow valve and this permits the operator to select precisely the rate at which the rubber is extruded. An inverter controlled variable speed cutter (preformers only) is located on the head of the machine and the extrudate is cut at the die face so variations in die swell do not affect the volumetric accuracy of the preforms. Note: A preformer offers all the benefits of an extruderbut is also supplied with a high specification cuttingmodule unit. It is a proven technology adopted by hundreds of rubber companies around the world.

Standard ECO features
  • Available in batch sizes from 1 – 80 litres
  • Operating pressure of 210 bar (3000 psi)
  • Variable AC inverter controlled cutter
  • Speeds up to 400 cuts per minute
  • Weigh scale feedback loop for blank weight control
  • Accuracy of up to +/- 1% by volume
  • Touch screen operator interface 
  • NEW Now with 500 item product set-up database


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