Rubber strip cutting machine

Rubber strip cutting machine


The Barwell Rubber Strip Cutter is designed as a low investment, automated option for processors needing to produce small batches of rubber strips on a regular basis.

It has significant cost, time and quality advantages over manual methods of cutting, and is a less expensive and more suitable method for smaller production needs compared to using a ram preformer, which is better for larger production requirements.

This compact unit is ideal for companies of all sizes.

  • Quick and automated method of cutting rubber strips
  • Simple to operate PLC and touch display, includes programmable counter function
  • Incorporates scales-loop back system for accurate production and quick weight adjustment
  • Ideal for small production run requirements
  • High safety levels and CE compliant


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The machine will cut strips up to a maximum width of 535mm and a maximum thickness of 20mm (depending on material type). Continuous strips are cut up to lengths of 100mm (50 Hz) or 80mm (60 Hz). For lengths above this, the system will default into pulse cut mode. The length is determined by the servo-drive controlling the feed roller speed.

The Strip Cutter is manufactured to meet the latest international safety standards, including CE marking and is fitted with safety interlocks and a monitoring relay.

Also incorporated is the proven Barwell scales loop feedback system for automatic weight adjustment, helping to reduce material wastage and produce accurate strips with minimal operator intervention. A programmable counter system allows users to easily control their production needs.

The machine is controlled by a user-friendly PLC and touch screen interface. It is safe, durable, compact and exceptionally easy to operate and maintain.

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