Shore D Scale Hardness Tester With Test Blocks

One touch automatic operation Accurate and consistent results

H17D Shore D Scale Hardness Tester With Test Blocks


  • One touch automatic operation
  • Accurate and consistent results
  • Easy access to sample area
  • Basic, Printer & Data Terminal versions available
  • Interchangeable sample tables
  • Modern design
  • Operator dependency reduced


The H17D is a bench mounted instrument which measures the hardness of rubber and plastics and displays the result in Shore D scale values. After pressing the start button, the instrument operates automatically and the test result is displayed at the end of the test.

Three versions are available:
H17D/1 Basic Instrument
H17D/2 Printer version
H17D/3 Printer and data terminal version

Access to the sample area is good and a range of quick change sample tables is available to locate different types of sample or special jigs.

All versions conform to National and International Standards.

Test Proceedure

The instrument should be operated in accordance with the relevant standard. Locate the sample under the foot ensuring that it is within the minimum distance specified from the edge. Set the printer and data terminal options and functions as required. Press the start button on the display panel and the result will be displayed at the end of the test.

Printer Model H17D/2

The printer model is supplied with a high speed 24 character printer. Hard copy of the results can be retained and sample identification with incremented suffix can be enabled as well as date and time recording. Additional diagnostic features are available as well as print reports in a choice of five languages.
Printer & Data Terminal Model H17D/3

This model is supplied with a small data input terminal and high speed printer and allows data entry and password protection of user definable test parameters. Operator identification, customer calibration check and enhanced print modes are also available. Print reports are available in normal or short formats



See the table below for a run-down of this product’s specifications.



220mm (w) x 260mm (d) x 360mm (h)


14.5 kg including power supply


Better than 0.2

Indentor angle

30° ± ½°

Indentor tip

0.100 ± 0.012mm R


BS 903 Pt A57, ISO 7619,
ASTM D 2240, DIN 53505



290mm (w) x 150mm (h) x 140mm (d)


650 g including power supply

Data Terminal


105mm (w) x 195mm (h) x 90mm (d)


495 g


Test Block H10


Rubber Hardness Test Blocks are available in 5 scales – IRHD (Macro), IRHD (Micro), shore A, D and M. they are manufactured from high quality rubber formulated to resist the ageing effects on hardness of temperature and time. The test blocks are for use as a check to ensure instruments are functioning properly and read correctly. They are not intended as standards with specific hardness values. Test blocks should be returned to Wallace every 12 months for re-calibaration.

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